Virtual Tour shwoing hotspot
360 degree Images - Tour Map/ Floor Plan
Virtual Tour Hotspot

Guidance for users

Panorama Navigation

There are a few alternatives to move the view in the panorama.



Pick and hold left mouse button and drag.

Roll the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out.



With touch screen tablets or phones

Wipe finger to move view

Pinch fingers to zoom in, unpinch to zoom out.



Use the controller buttons to pan or zoom.


Some Projects feature virtual tours and consist of more than one panorama. Hover over a red hotspot to see it's description or click on it to move to the next scene.



Tour Maps / Floor Plans

The Tour Map/ Floor Plan can be shown by clicking on the Show Map Button,          on the controller,

to move to another scene click on any of the red circles.


Some Panoramas have ambient and directional sounds added, if this is the case the controller will show a volume control.


These can be used to activate or mute the sounds.



Virtual Tour - ambient and directional sounds
360 degree panorama controller