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Website built by our other Brand Haslemere Web Design
Website built by our other Brand Haslemere Web Design
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Services offered by Gyroview

360 Degree Photography

For each panorama scene we take a minimum  of twelve 24MP photographs using specialist lenses and tripod equipment. If situations arise where there are extremes of light and shadow we then use HDR photography techniques. All our photographs are taken in camera RAW format.

Image Processing & Panorama Stitching

The camera RAW photographs are developed to make them suitable for stitching. These are then imported into the stitching software.

Due to the image processing demands we use an  ISV-certified CAD workstation for creation of the final panorama.

Audio Recording / Soundscape Creation

We can record and incorporate ambient and directional sounds into your Panorama scenes. Using software, we process the sound to give optimal effect.


Custom Tour Maps / Floor Plans

If you have a tour, you may wish to consider having a floor plan or map added. We can create the plan with our graphics software for inclusion in the controller.

"Little Planet" Posters

One nice by-product of a 360 degree panorama is the production of "little planet" images. These images always provoke a talking point. Prints up to 24 Inches (600mm) square can be provided.


Website Design

The 360 degree panoramas and virtual tours can easily be added to your existing website, we will work with you or your existing web designer to provide the perfect result.


If you do not have a website then we provide a one stop shop to include website design, web hosting, 360 degree photography and branding.